5 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

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Looking for some natural ways to whiten your teeth and protect them from plaque? Here are some easy options you might have in your fridge right now.


Who doesn’t love steamed broccoli? However, if you devour the delicious raw florets of this nutrient-dense veggie, it acts as Mother Nature’s exclusive toothbrush that helps you get rid of all the tartar and food remains stuck in your teeth. Furthermore, broccoli’s immensely dense iron profile also aids in coating your teeth enamel, and getting rid of acid erosion, damaging bacteria and stain


Most people believe that orange peels are just as acid as other citrus fruits and hence, they throw them away without realizing their densely nutritious profile.

Research reveals that orange skin has one of the richest concentrations of several vitamin C varieties, which are a milder and much more beneficial replacement for several harsh teeth whiteners.

All you have to do is nicely wash away all the impurities from the orange peel, then take the inner part and vigorously rub the white part against the surface of your teeth enamel. It will help you get rid of all the plaque and tartar that tends to build-up in the mouth over time.


Carrots have an abrasive surface that works wonders at eliminating stains. These crunchy delights can help you achieve a lovely and smooth polished finish by just rubbing their bright roots against the surface of your teeth.

You can even devour a raw carrot to experience these effects.


Strawberries are packed with malic acid, which act as nature’s very own teeth whitener to give your smile a shiny polish.

For thousands of years, people have hailed the natural teeth-whitening remedy of creating a strawberry paste with baking soda, and it truly works wonders.

However, be sure to brush your teeth right after because strawberries are also densely concentrated with sugars.


Cheeses are brimming with lactic acids, which protect your teeth against future decay. Stock up hard aged slices, for instance aged Gouda, for its sturdy and tough surface will also aid in eliminating stains that are caused by food remains that tend to build up within the mouth and teeth.